I started CrossFit six months ago. Although I was getting stronger, toning up, and feeling good in the first 3-4 months, I wanted better results for my hard work and dedication, so I decided to participate in nutrition coaching.
When Brandon Garner gave me macros targets for training and non-training days that were higher than I expected and included a lot more fat (good fat) than I had ever imagined, I was pretty surprised. However, it was clear in our first meeting that his nutritional knowledge was vast and based on personal experience, so I trusted him to get me to my goal.

Although I figured that I could do the program for 8 weeks and hoped that I could continue to maintain on it, I wasn't prepared for how easy it was to make these nutritional changes. I hope it's not cliche, but I really do feel like it's a turning corner to a new lifestyle. This way of eating is completely sustainable.
My results from CrossFit combined with Nutritional Coaching are as follows:

As I said to Brandon at our last meeting, this was the best money I ever spent and the most fun I've ever had getting to my goal.


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