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    Please note that this is not a termination request. To cancel your membership click here.

    This form must be submitted 5 days prior to the next billing cycle to ensure you're not charged.

    Reason for Hold:

    Iron District CrossFit's policy for holds states all members have the option to put their membership on hold two (2) times per calendar year for up to three (3) months total. Once the Hold expires, the member's account will automatically be made active and billing will resume as normal at the pre-Hold rate and schedule.

    If a member returns to active status prior to the end of their Hold period, the Hold will be released, full membership payments will resume, and the member will be entitled to one more Hold request within that calendar year.

    If a member cancels their membership during the Hold Period, they must submit an electronic cancellation form. The 14-day Cancellation will begin upon submission of the Cancellation Policy. The member will be subject to the 14-day Cancellation Policy per their Membership Agreement.

    By submitting this form, I agree to abide by the following guidelines in reference to my membership hold request:


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